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Celina – Erotic Masseuse in Central London – Heaven on Earth

Hello, I’m Celina the exotic independent escort in Central London and bombshell and your fantasy girl. I have seen that many men here in London prefer Chinese girls and this does not come as a surprise to me at all. Some of the reasons that I could cite right away is they have a slim, petite figure, flawless complexion, and great manners. Also, you will find that Oriental girls are very cordial, have clear and concise speech, and love their culture. As a total package, they are appealing to every man on earth.

As a London escort, I work on my terms. For me, my customers are everything and I’ve been providing reliable services for them for several years now. I come from a Chinese family but London has been my home for several years now and I’m one among you. I have many regular customers who cannot resist me and while have some people who are too eager to meet me because they have “heard” about me.

Enjoy a Relaxing Time with Celina

I’m a VIP and independent escort in Central London and have been doing the same thing in London for almost 6 years and counting now. My popularity has caught up so much that I barely get time for myself, but when I do, I love to cook, travel, and read. Many people who come across me or my website ask me: ‘Do you only escort VIPs?’ My answer to them is no. I’m good with VIPs too, and along with my mannerisms and etiquette, I know how to handle high-profile customers very well. They feel safe and well taken care of when they are with me. However, I’m good with all my customers and am happy to do whatever pleases them, including erotic Chinese massage.

I am a certified and qualified massage therapist and I can relax you with my massage sessions. I know the pressure points to focus on and my gentle yet firm touch will melt your stress and tension. I can transform the massage into an erotic Chinese massage and ensure you have a happy ending. I am open to what you like and willing to indulge you.

Celina Understands What You Need

More than sex, passion is what men crave and this I can say with conviction because I have pleasured so many men. These men call me just to talk even if I don’t have the time to be in bed with them. I understand all types of men extremely well and I make sure that they are comfortable with me immediately. This is the starting point because I know they are spending their hard-earned money on me and deserve pleasure in every minute that they spend with me. That is why it is important for me that they are comfortable with me as soon as possible or else it is a waste of time.

I once had a customer, who was new to London and traveled halfway around the globe from Australia just to be with me. I was so busy when he tried to contact me that I could barely attend to his calls and attending to him in person was a far shot. But he was persistent and kept trying and finally, when he got me on the line, he explained how far he traveled just to be with me. He only wanted a couple of hours with me and I was moved by his gesture. I ended up spending a whole night with him and probably that was the happiest and the most erotic night of his entire life. If you are questioning why I am the perfect independent escort choice, then here are some reasons that will prove to me.

There are many such stories that I can share with you about my customers. What is in me that draws customers like a magnet? In my customer’s words, I’m extremely sexy to look at and I behave like a cat on the prowl in bed. My gentle way of caressing the most important places and the erotic zones are well taken care of with my sexual behavior.

I understand that as a visitor to London, you are wary of going with an independent Chinese escort in Central London. However, I can promise you that there will be no hanky-panky when you are with me. I can massage your erogenous zones like no other escort and once you experience my erotic massage at Liverpool Street, you will always return for more. The Outcall Asian massage is irresistible and fabulous. Try it out if you don’t believe me.

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